3.1              Software download

Go to our website mectiming.org at the bottom of the page you can quickly download the latest version of the software.

3.2              dTris Installation

In ‘dTris Setup’ folder you should find all files and directories listed below:


If you have not installed the Dongo Driver before or you wish to upgrade the driver then execute procedure described in paragraph 3.2.1, otherwise, start installation from paragraph 3.2.2


To install or upgrade the Dongo Driver, open the folder ‘Dongo – Driver’ in ‘dTris Setup’, then double click on the file named ‘Sentinel Protection Installer x.x.x.exe’

Click on the Upgrade and/or Install Buttons

Request Complete if asked

Answer “Yes” to the security question if asked.

“Sentinel Protection Installer x.x.x.exe” requires windows ‘Administrator’ privileges to be installed on the computer.

3.2.2            dTris Install

If previous version of dTris is installed, uninstall it prior to install the latest one (refer to Appendix 3: Uninstall dTris)

To install Win dTris, open the folder ‘Win dTris Install’ from ‘dTris Setup’ and double click on the file named setup.exe.

Please make certain to select all default settings including the location of the software or dTris may not operate correctly.

Once dTris is installed please restart your computer. Failing to do so will cause some dTris functions not to work properly until a restart has been done.

Insert your Dongo into a USB port then start dTris by Click on dTris located

Start > All Programs > MEC Apps > dTris

In order to create a dTris Icon that will reside on the desktop please follow these simple steps.

1.    Click on Start 2.    Click on ALL Programs 3.    Click on MEC Apps 4.    Right Click on the dTris Icon 5.    Click on Copy 6.    Now, simply click anywhere on the Desktop 7.    Right Click 8.    Click on Paste