Team Scoring

Team Scoring is an addon for measures. This will take both Men's and Women's Measures files together to create a PDF Report that will give the team scores.

The workflow of the system is:

  • Create Team Import
  • Run Typical Race
  • Run Team Scoring Addin

Create Team Import

Since the downloaded racer file from ACAPoints does not contain the "Team" of each racer the data will have to be added into the import before importing into measures.

To do this you will have to open the file within excel.

Import Text

On a new Excel workbook click on Data and "From Text". This will then bring up pick file screen.

Pick Downloaded File

The file you will want to pick is the downloaded racer file from ACAPoints Registration.

Pick Delimited

You will want to choose that the file is Delimited.

Check Comma

You will want to uncheck the Tab and check Comma, From here you can click finish. You will then have to make sure it is importing into "A1" on your sheet as shown below.

Import Spot

Once you click okay you are now given the imported data within excel so you can create the new column. Create a column "Teamcode" after KKPoints this should be populated with the team ID of each racer. So for example if there is only one Craigleith you could use CRAIG as the Team code or if there is multiple teams from one club you would use CRAIG1, CRAIG2 (for example) to distinguish the two teams.

Add Team Code

If you are sure only one team from the club is enrolled then you can use the formula below to use the club code as the team code.


Once you have created the Teamcode column you will click save and make sure to save it as a "CSV (Comma delimited)"

Save CSV

You will then be prompted if you are sure you want to save in this format and click Yes.

Yes Keep in CSV format

You now have the file that can be used in the import for running the race.

This will have to be done for both male and female registration files.

Run racer

Once the changes above have occured the race runs exactly the same any other race with creating the start list, and creating official results.

To make sure that your data above is in your race click F5 and make sure that you see "GROUP" is populated with data.

Group is populated with Team Names

Run Team Scoring Addon

Once both races have been completed you will open up the Team Race Addon. You will point to the two RCR files that you have run the race with. When you click "Save" the system will ask you where you would like to save the report and once you have given the file name then you will be able to view the report where you saved it with any PDF viewer.