The results must be uploaded to FIS before the TD will be able to complete the Report of the Technical Delegate on line.

Note: The  Report of the TD and the Timing Technical Report are completed on-line and submitted directly to FIS.  Ensure that they include you on the email list so you can have a hard copy for the files.  If this report is submitted electronically – you do not need to fax or scan and email it.
Note: SIn the event that there is an issue with the online TD Report or the Timing Technical Reprt you will need to scan in the TD Report and the Timing Technical Report as a .pdf file and then you can email it to

1.      “Output .xml File for FIS using the Measures Race Programme for each Codex. 2.     Email the file (s)

3.     You will receive a message back from FIS Auto-Reply.  It will either say that the race was accepted as submitted or that there is a problem with the race (it will identify the problem ie:  competitor FIS number invalid or competitor’s name is wrong).  If there is a problem with the race you will have to correct the problem, recreate the .xml file, zip it and resend to FIS.

Note: When FIS accepts the race, print a copy of the FIS Auto-Reply and file with other proof of transmittals.

4.     Each day you should check the FIS website/Race Results to ensure that the results are on there and also that the ‘Race Counts for Points’ indicates ‘YES’.

Note: It will say ‘No Awaiting Reports’ until FIS has received the faxed TD Reports and Timing Technicals.