New this year, is the upgrade to Measures which now allows the Race Administrator to work with timing software other than dTris.

6.      After doing the draw in Measures, produce a .csv file using the Generate Output Files.

7.     Select Output Race in .csv file Format.

8.     Select ‘Previous years Live Timing (No Column Titles).

9.     Send to Chief of Timing on format agreed on (email, usb stick, disc)

10.  Have timer save times to a .csv file containing the following columns in the order they are listed:

a.     Bib b.    First(Second)Run Start TOD c.     First(Second)Run Finish TOD d.    First(Second)Run Results

11.  Input times into Measures using the Input Run Times/Load .csv Formatted Run Times.  The following window will be shown.

Note: The warning states that the usual check performed by Measures will be bypassed.  This means that there is no check to ensure that the date, discipline, gender and run are correct – it is the responsibility of the RA to ensure that the date is correct.

Enter the numbers in the fields as shown below:

| Racer’s Bib Number | 1 | | Racers’ Run Time   | 4 | | Racer’s Run Status | 4 |

These numbers relate to the fields in the .csv file that is sent from timing.

Click on Okay and the following query is displayed:

Select the file with the .csv timing file and click on Okay.

Select Update Run 1 or Run 2 as required.