Race Entries:

  1. The categories/groups will have to be entered manually: 2. Enter the Categories as the FIS ones – ie: A5, B10 (Hint:  for the B’s enter the single B numbers as B06, B07, B08 and B09 – this will make it easier to sort in Excel).

Draw Seed Sequence:

In each class:

  1. Top 2 – 15 point holders are drawn randomly
  2. The rest of the point holders are started according to their points.
  3. The 999’s are drawn randomly.

Manual Draw:

1.     Draw cards must have both the racer’s points and his class (ie:  A5). 2.     The board must be loaded in this order: a.     Class (oldest racers first and in descending order to youngest last), and then by, b.    Points within the class.

3.  Use the draw balls to randomly select the starts for each class.

2nd Run Start List Sequence:

For the 5 best finishes to be started in reverse order in their class followed by the rest of the field by their 1st run finish times:

1.     Export the file to a .csv file. 2.     Open file in Excel 3.     Copy and paste to new spreadsheet 4.     Delete all columns not needed (I, K, L, M) 5.     Delete all DNF, DNS and DSQ 6.     Sort by Group (Column D) 7.     Sort times for each group 8.     Renumber Start Order  - in cell A1 type the number 1.

 * in cell A2 type the formula =A1+1

 * select from A2 – bottom of racers (click in cell A2 and drag down while holding the left mouse button down.

 * press the CTRL and D key at the same time (this copies the formula to the bottom of the selected area.

9.     Sort the columns in the following order – Start No, Bib No, Code,  Cat, Name,  Nat, Birth Year, Time, column with 7 underscores (bolded), column with 7 underscores (bolded) Hint to the CTRL-D to insert the periods in each cell. 10.  Delete Column E. 11.  Resize name window to show whole name 12.  switch columns F and G. 13.  Select all and change font to Courier New – 9. 14.  Left Margin – 0.3 inches, Right margin - .25 inchs. 15.  Column A – width 4 16.  Column B – width:  4 17.  Column C – width:  7.29 18.  Column D – width:  2.29 19.  Column E – width:  41 20.  Column F – width:  3.86 21.  Column G – width:  4.57 22.  Column H – width:  7.29 23.  Column I and J – Width:  9.29 24.  Insert rows between categories. 25.  Save, print and cut and paste into Measures header.

National Results: a.     copy race file keeping times b.    change race type to national race c.     re-create start lists d.    delete all non-Canadian athletes. e.     calculate race f.     print official race (National) g.    output to .xml h.     upload to aca points.

National Race Results:

Unofficial Results (with the non registered athletes (0000000)):

Showing Winners by Category.

a.  Print Unofficial results showing category, year of birth and group  - sort by category

Showing winners by time:

a.  Print Unofficial results showing category, year of birth and group – no sort.

Official Results (without the non-registered athletes (0000000)):

a.     calculate the race as per FIS and discard the penalty calculation.

b.    print the unofficial results  (Results (Unofficial)/Results/print a 2 run race/sort by Category  (this would be the one that I would have the TD sign; but ask him/her first).


To have a start list with a random draw by age category:

1.  Enter racers and add the age category to the category window. 2.  Random draw the whole field 3.  Print start list by using the sort category – this will randomly draw all racers in each category.

Late entry:

a.  add racer to race

b.  Under Generate Draw – calculate where the racer is to start and add late entry and insert his/her bib and start number. 

Note: This will not affect the start list order which is already done.  The racer will be added in the correct start with the correct bib and all the other start numbers will be shifted down.

Start List  (run 1) with both ladies and men:  (This will result in a start list with the lowest bib number being assigned the oldest racer up to the youngest)

1.  Create file as either ladies or men and add the appropriate gender athletes. 2.  Change the file gender to the other gender and add those athletes.

If Ladies are to start first –

a.         make their group A and edit their profiles to include Group A b.         Make the men group B and edit their profiles to include Group B. c.         create start list by showing category, group, and birth year and sort by Group first and then Category.

This will result in a start list with both the men and ladies with the ladies starting first by their category followed by the men by their category.

If the ladies are to start first before the men in their categories:

a.         follow the instructions as if the ladies are to start first; however sort by Category first and then Group.

This will result in a start list with both the men and ladies – with the ladies starting first in each of the categories followed by the men.

Note: You will need to create separate ladies and mens races and manually enter the draw.  This is require so you can upload the race to ACApoints.

2nd run start list:

a.  NOTE:  1st run start list must be sorted  by category. b.  Reverse top 15 – this will reverse each category filed with the fastest last and slowest first by category. c. 0 – will result in no reverses in category field – best time starts first.

Disabled racers in Masters race

1.  They start first 2.  Determine the start order of each athlete (by their diablility code) and assign them Group code A, B, C etc.  Give the ladies masters the next letter and the men’s masters the letter after that. 3.  Get the factor from the Para Alpine group for each athlete. 4.  When you get the times – multiply their time by the factor and manually enter into race.


1.  Penalty calculation written on official results 2.  Produce official results (this removes ‘0’ filled athletes) 3.  Unofficial results sorted by Group and Category or Category and Group (this includes the ‘0’ filled athletes. a.  1 copy by tome to show overall results. b.  1 copy by category to show finish within category for awards.

Sun Peaks – Canadian Championships

Get the spreadsheet from Guest Services at the Cahilty of the entries. Call each day before 1400hrs for any late entries 250-578-5474.

Categories:  2009-2010 Master's Categories

| M! | 1910-1924  (85-99) | MA | | M* | 1925-1929  (80-84) | MB | | M+ | 1930-1934  (75-79) | MC | | M0 | 1935-1939  (70-74) | MD | | M1 | 1940-1944  (65-69) | ME | | M2 | 1945-1949  (60-64) | MF | | M3 | 1950-1954  (55-59) | MG | | M4 | 1955-1959  (50-54) | MH | | M5 | 1960-1964  (45-49) | MI | | M6 | 1965-1969  (40-44) | MJ | | M7 | 1970-1974  (35-39) | MK | | M8 | 1975-1979  (30-34) | ML | | M9 | 1980-1991  (18-29) | MM |

Start order | Ladies | Category | Men | | | M! | | | | M* | A | | | M+ | | | | M0 | C | | B | M1 | | | | M2 | | | D | M3 | E | | | M4 | | | | M5 | | | | M6 | | | F | M7 | G | | | M8 | | | | M9 | |


1.  enter all racers in 1 race 2.  ensure all categories are correct 3.  assign group codes as above or as agreed on by Masters Coordinator (Peter McGibbon and Dave Nighswander) 4.  draw whole field 5.  start order by group and then category

NOTE:  after start list is created:

1.  you can add a late entry and it will not disturb the start order. 2.  you CANNOT change the category or group after the start list is created and try to recreate the sort – IT WILL CHANGE THE BIB NUMBER.  If you need to do this – try deleting the racer and entering him/her as a late entry – otherwise you will have to reenter everyone with a manual draw.


1.  Send the 1 file (with both men and ladies) to timing. 2.  They need to run the race and either men or ladies (no need to break out the genders).

3.  As long as the race office file has the same gender as the .dat file from timing it will read.  If the gender is different – change the race office file to the same gender.

4.  Create a copy of the .dat file and rename and men, open in Notepad and using find and replace – change the gender.  Do the same for the ladies file.  You will have 3 files (ML, L, and M).

Split out Genders:

1.  Copy the original file to create a separate Men’s and Ladie’s files. 2.  Change the gender to match the racers in the file. 3.  Delete the other gender in the file.

Entering times to separate gender file:

1.  When you load the .dat file, you will get bib # missing (they will be all the other gender that you have removed).  Just keep hitting okay.

2nd Run Start list

Start order – flip racers within their categories.

Note: Measures will not do this.
Note: dTris will not be able to do a bibo for this.


1.  create a .csv file after the run 1 start list is created. 2.  Open in excel and re-assign the start number and put a blank row in between each categories. 3.  Make a copy of the run 1 start list and save as run 2 start list (I set up a template with the logos). 4.  Change the header to include 2nd run start list – the 2nd run info (ie: course setter, gate count, forerunners). 5.  Insert the re-assigned start list from excel (copy and paste) 6.  Font – Courier new 9, margins .5 (all) 7.  resize the colums 8.  resize the row heights to .15 9.  adds the measures column titles and footer.


Note: Unofficial are created because they include the 000000 carded athletes.

1.  Unofficial of all racers (men and ladies) file by category and group

2.  Unofficial of all racers (men and ladies) file by finish time(no category sort).

3.  Unofficial of ladies file by category and group

4.  Unofficial of ladies file by finish time (no category sort)

5.  Unofficial of men’s file by category and group

6.  Unofficial of men’s file by finish time (no category sort)