To easily insert your entries into Measures, you need a list of racers with their points on your hard drive.  The best way to get the list is to download it yourself from the internet.

a.     Go to

a. Click  on Points/Profiles. b.  For NAT races, click on Points/Profiles from the drop-down menu. b. For FIS races, click on FIS Points from the drop-down menu.

c. For National or Series races, select all for gender, category (i.e. U 14 if only a U 14 race), division, and club.  NOTE: If you are running a Series race, download the National file and rename it so the file name contains SRS.  Once you have entered the racers, you will have to change the points for each racer to the series points (you will get a list from your Provincial Ski Organization).

d.    Select ‘Dump to points file’, click on ‘Search’.

e. In the file download window, click on the down arrow beside ‘Save’, select ‘Save As’ and save to the appropriate drive and rename if necessary

f.  These points files are named so that they are compatible with the Measures program. For example, rename a file titled ‘01NAT0201.txt to ‘01SRS.txt for a Series Race.  NOTE:  The file name MUST contain the letters ‘NAT’, ‘SRS’ or ‘FIS’ depending on which ‘Race Level’ you are running.

Note: Select All for every field – this will produce 1 file containing the entire database of men and women.  Measures will only let you select the correct gender for the race you are working on.  It will also give you all the athletes registered in Canada for a Nat race or all FIS racers if you download the FIS points list.This is done in case an athlete is entered in an incorrect category, division or club.



Note: You must have administrator rights on the computer to run this programme.

This is used in the event that the TD requested that the list come directly from the FIS rather than the website.

Note: You will have to install the MySql software and the FIS List software from the FIS ftp site ([][2]).  Before you install this software, it is imperative that you read the readme files and follow the installation instructions.

1.     Open FIS List , ensure that the newest list is loaded.  Highlight the list that you want to view and click on ‘View List’.

2.     Select the gender that you want to download.  In this instance it is the men:

3.     Click on Print List.

4.     Click on the Printer Icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Then Click on the Print to file (lower left corner), select Excel file as Type and rename the file to ALFP083_M.xls (AL= Alpine, FP= FIS points, 08= the season, 6= the list number, and M=gender).

5.     Using the Browse button (….) to the right of the Where window, select where you want to save the file.

6.     Once you have saved the file, open it with Excel and using the ‘Save As’ function, save it as a .csv file.

7.     You can then use it to load racers in Measures.  Just make sure when the window is open to select the points file, that you have selected .csv as the file type.


1.         This is easier to use since it does not require My Sql to run.

Note: If you are having conflict between this programme and your antivirus, you can either: 
  • turn off your anti-virus while installing this programme.
  • Add the programme file to your antivirus exclusion list.

a.         DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTION: i.          Go to: ii.          click on Software iii.         click on Programs iv:         Open FisList file v.         Right mouse click on FisList2.exe and download it to your harddrive.

b.         INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: i.          double click on Fislist2.exe file ii.          You will get a message that says:  ‘Confirmer No Sector Found…’.  Click on ‘Yes’ to finish installing.

c.         TO LOAD POINTS: i.          To open the programme, click on the Fislist2.exe icon

ii.          The following window is displayed:

iii.        Click on “AL – Alpine’ and then ‘Tools’ and the following choices are displayed:

  • Load a new list

  • Check new data

  • Check for program update

iv.         Click on ‘Load a new list’ and the following window is displayed:

v.         Select the points list you want to download and click on ‘Load Selected List’.  The following is displayed:

vi.         If you get the above firewall message, click on ‘Unblock’. The ‘Importing’ window is displayed as below and will be repeated for all disciplines – downhill, super g, slalom, GS and Super Combi.

vii.  Once the importing has finished the list is displayed as shown:

viii.       Double click on the FisList you want to open and the following is displayed.

ix.         To save it to your hard drive and to make it compatible to load into Measures, click on the red X in the upper right-hand corner to return to the main screen and click on ‘Files’.  You get a drop down menu with the following choices:

  • Open

  • Export to Excel (XLS)

  • Export to CSV

x.         To save it as a format compatible with Measures, select ‘Excel’.  You will then need to open it in Excel and save it as a .csv file.

Note: Any  column in the Fislist when displayed as in ‘viii.’ above can be sorted by double clicking in the header columns.