Click the ‘Generate Output Files’ button on the main menu. The following File Output Menu appears.

10.1 Output dTris Files and/or Backup Race Files

The output dTris files option allows you to make a backup copy of  your Measures race files.  This is done so the timing crew can download the start list for the races.

10.1.1   Click the ‘Output dTris Files and/or Backup Race Files’ button on the File Output Menu to display the following query.

10.1.2   The following is then displayed:

10.1.3   Click the ‘Okay’ button to complete the copy.

10.2 Output Official Results for Websites

The output official results for websites option changes the extension of your file. The new file has a .ofc extension which can be attached to e-mail or saved wherever you wish. This format is used to e-mail results to Alberta Alpine. This file can be opened by any word processing programme (ie:  WordPad and NotePad, MS Word).

10.2.1   Click the ‘Output Official Results for Websites’ button on the File Output Menu to display the following window.

10.2.2   Select Drive and Directory you want the files to go.  Click ‘Okay’. The following Measures message appears.

10.2.3   Click ‘Okay’ to accept.

10.3  Output Race Upload File

The Output Race Upload File creates an .xml file This file may be transferred to www.ACA Points for National races or to FIS. Before you begin, you must know the following:

  • Host Club abbreviation as listed on ACAPoints or the official FIS country abbreviation – CAN (for Canada)

  • Model of timer used

  • FIS or NAT points list used

File names must have codex number, for example:

For FIS:  Can0605.371 (Country,codex#.TD#)

For Nat:  NAT0048.xml (National,codex#.xml file)

10.3.1   Clicking on OUTPUT Race Upload File or OUTPUT XML FILE FOR FIS the shows the following Measures query.

10.3.2   Enter Host Club’s Code; for example, Banff Alpine Racers is BANFF.

Hint:The list of clubs is available off the ACA Points website. Click ‘Okay’.  The following dialogue box opens. ![](img/measures/image179.jpg)

10.3.3   Choose drive and directory where you want the file to be saved.  Click ‘Okay’.  The following Measures query is displayed.

10.3.4   If the location you which to save the file is correct, click ‘Yes’ otherwise click ‘No’ to choose another directory.

10.3.5   If this is a FIS race, the following query is displayed.  You have to click on the classification of the race.

Note: This window is not displayed for a Nat race.

10.3.6   After clicking ‘Yes’, the following Measures Query is displayed.

10.3.7   Enter the timer model used and click ‘Okay’.  The following dialogue box is opened.

10.3.8   Enter the number of the National Points list used.  Click ‘Okay’.  The following window is opened.

Hint:This will be in the name of the file you have downloaded off the ACA Points website. It’s usually the first 2 digits in the name, for example, 01NATf0102.txt.

10.3.9   Click ‘Okay’ to accept.

10.4  Output Race in CSV File Format

The Output Race in CSV File Format creates a comma separated value (.csv) file in Excel which shows the results in columns using an Excel spreadsheet. You can expand the columns and save the format as .xls (Excel). 

Note: Use this function to save a copy of the racers and bibs for the timers to use in Live Timing or with other timing software.

10.4.1   Click the ‘Output Race in CSV File Format’ button on the Output File Menu.  The following Measures Query is displayed.

10.4.2   Select the location to save the file and click ‘Okay’.

10.4.3   Click ‘Okay’.