There are two options you may choose when working in Measures. You may start a new race or open an existing race file. If you are you are starting a new race, refer to section 2.1. If you are currently working on an existing race, refer to section 2.2.

2.1  Create A New Race

2.1.1     Click the ‘File’ text located in the top left corner of the opening measures screen. Refer to the opening measures screen in section 1.0.  Select ‘Create New Race File’.

2.12       The following prompt to name the file is shown.  Enter the name of the Race File.  It can be any length.  Click on ‘Okay’.

2.1.3     Select the file folder on the left hand side of the window to save the file to.  If you need to create a new file folder, use the ‘file folder’ icon in the top left corner (under the blue bar at top).

2.1.4     Click the ‘Okay’ button.

2.1.6     The following Measure’s Query window is displayed.

2.1.7     If you are not running a disabled race, leave the Special Settings window blank and click on ‘Okay’.

2.1.8     If you are running a disabled race, see Annex E for further information.

2.1.9     Another Measure’s Query window is displayed.

2.1.10   Click ‘No’ if you do not wish to copy information from an old race file.

2.1.11   Choose ‘Yes’ if you wish to copy information from old race file. This option is commonly used if you are creating a file for the second day of racing.

2.1.12   Ensuring the drive and directory are correct, select the correct file that you want copied and click the ‘Open’ button.  The following ‘Copy Options’ window is displayed.

2.1.13   Select the criteria you want to copy to the second file and click ‘Okay’.


a.  If the race you are copying from already has had times downloaded to it or the draw has been done (bib numbers assigned) select  ‘Exclude (Blank) Racer Run Times and Bibs – this will blank the bib numbers and racer’s times in the new file.

b.  If you wish to keep the Bib numbers but not the Racer Run Times – select ‘Exclude (Blank) Racer Run times – BUT NOT Bibs.  This would be selected when running a SC and you need to copy the race info (with bib numbers) to the SG portion.

2.1.14   You get the following ‘Measures Query’.

2.1.15   Select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depending on the information you want in the race header information.

2.1.16   If you Click on ‘No’ the following ‘Measures Query’ appears:

2.1.17   You then have the option of clicking on ‘Yes’ which will take you completely out of the Copy Options.  If you click on ‘No’, you will return to the Copy Options window.

2.1.18  The following ‘Measures Query’ appears if you are copying bib numbers and times.

2.1.19   Select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depending on if you wish to keep this information.

Note: Select ‘No’ if this is the first race.

2.1.20  If you have selected ‘Exclude (Blank) Racers Times’, the following ‘Measures Query’ appears.

2.1.21   Select ‘Yes’ to exclude the racer times and bib numbers.

2.1.22   The following ‘Measures Query’ appears if you re copying the Bibs but not the racer times.

2.1.23  Select ‘Yes’ to exclude the racer times but not the bib numbers.

2.2 Open An Existing Race File

If a race file already exists, you may open and modify the existing race file.

2.2.1     Click  FILE – OPEN RACE FILE on the top menu bar, or click on the ‘Open File Folder’ icon.

2.2.2     Choose the location, and file name, and click the ‘Open’ button.

Hint:If you want to work on 2 or more files at the same time:  open Measures as many times as needed. 
Warning:Be careful to make sure you are working in the right file (see the file name at the top of the Measures window).