The MEASURES Race Draw and Results System User's Manualprovides detailed instructions for race setup, the computer draw, recording data, and producing race results in both written and electronic formats.

Start Up Information 

The Measures program includes a help feature that you may access from any Measures screen. Press the F9 key to display help.

To view a list of racers, press the F5 key from any screen.

Refer to Annex A for Measures Installation instructions.

Annex E gives you a sequential list of steps to prepare and run a race.


1.     Remember that recreational racers were added to the web site. These recreational racers are coded as follows:
EL        -           Entry Level
KA        -           U 14 Recreational Racers
KB        -           U 16 Recreational Racers
JA        -           U 18 Recreational Racers
JB        -           U 21 Recreational Racers
including MA through MM for the Masters Recreational Racers.

Below is a quick video Tutorial on how to get started with Measures quickly.