The following Run Times Menu appears after clicking the "INPUT RUN TIMES" button on the Main Menu. The Run Times Menu allows you to enter the racer’s times manually (usually for DSQ’s), from the dTris disks and from csv formatted disks. There are four dTris disks for a two-run-race. You will receive two dTris disks after each run is completed, 1 woman’s and 1 men’s.

Note: It is no longer possible to change RUN 1 times after RUN 2 times has been entered without having to regenerate the Reports.

7.1 Load dTris Format Run Times

Note: Depending on which version of dTris the timers are using, dTris now produces timing files named:  Measures.dat (can be both 1st and 2nd runs), Run1.dat(1st run only) and Run2.dat(2nd Run only).

The dTris program is only available if the timer is using the dTris program. dTris loads the time directly into the measures program from a 3.5” disc, email, memory stick or CD.

To load a file with the dTris Format Run Times:

7.1.1     Insert the media with the dTris file from Timing into your computer ie:  disc drive (A:) of your computer, the USB port or the CD drive.  If you have received the file by email – you need to save the file to your hard drive.

7.1.2     Click the ‘Load dTris Format Run Times’ button on the Run Times Menu

7.1.3     Select drive and file folder where the file is located and select the ‘Measures.dat’ file.

7.1.4     Click ‘Open’.

The following Measures Query appears.

7.1.5     Select either Run 1 or Run 2, whichever is applicable. The file will download automatically.

7.1.6     Check the times by clicking the ‘View Racers’ button in the center bottom of the screen or use F5.

7.1.7     Click EXIT to return to the Run Times Menu.

7.2 Load CSV Formatted Run Times

This function will be used when the timer is using software other than dTris. ie:  Splitsecond.

7.2.1      See ANNEX P.

7.3 Manually Input Run Times

You may select the “Manually Input Run Times” button if the racer was disqualified or if electronic timing fails. All missed times must be added manually from the handtimer’s sheet using the time calculation program if electronic timing fails.

Manual entry of time will now handle entry as M:SS.DEC as well as SSS.DEC. Entry of M:SS.DEC automatically changes to SSS.DEC format when the Enter Key is depressed.

The capability of toggling the times between the two formats has been added so that when the cursor is ion the Time field on the entry screen, depressing the F8 key switches from one format to the other and back.,

7.3.1     After the “Manually Input Run Times” button is selected, the following screen appears.

7.3.2     Click the “Input Run 1 Times” button or “Input Run 2 Times” button according to the run you are entering data for.   The following screen appears prompting you to input race and racer’s data.

Note: Press the “F5” key on your keyboard to view a list of racers.

7.3.3     Click in the “BIB #” text box and type the bib number for the racer to be entered. NOTE: Entering the BIB number will automatically display the racer’s name and information in the appropriate boxes.

7.3.4     Click in the Status text box to record the racer’s status. Type one of the following acronyms for the racer:

  • DNS – Did not start.

  • DNF – Did not finish.

  • DSQ – Disqualified. If the racer was disqualified, type the disqualifying gate number in the DSQ Gate # text box.

7.3.5     Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen to accept the information. Click the “Blank” button to clear the information and enter a new BIB number.

7.3.6     Click the “Exit” button to return to the Run Times Menu screen.