After selecting the Measures program from your computer, the following Measures screen appears.

1.01   Click on “File” and then “Preferences” in the top left corner of the screen to customize your Measures software. The following window is displayed.

1.02   Click the “Field Help On” or “Field Help Off” button to choose help.

NOTE: The “Print Blank Lines at Top of Reports” will depend on the type of printer you are using.
Under “Language”, currently English and French are the only options. German may be written into a future version of the software.

1.03      Click ‘Okay’ after preferences are selected.

1.1.0           Moving Around in Measures

1.1.1  Key strokes:
-       TAB key       move from 1 cell to the next
-       Shift+TAB        move up 1 cell
-       (-)                     DNS
-       (+)                    DNF
-       (/)                     DSQ

1.1.2  Mouse:

§  Position mouse in cell and click left button.

NOTE:  When you are in the main screen, you have the choice to INSERT or OVERTYPE the text.  In the lower left-hand corner of the screen you will see INSERT or OVERTYPE – double clicking on the work will toggle to the other word.

1.1.3  The tabs in the tool bar under the Standard Toolbar (Home, Header, Races, Draw, Times, Calculations, Reports, and Outputs) are shortcuts.

  • Home:   lists the properties of Measures (Serial number, version and valid until date).  It is also where you open or create your race file.

  • Header:  contains the header information for the race – ie:  race name, date, discipline, Chiefs, codex, etc.

  • Racers:  where you enter racers into the race and delete or edit their information.  Also where you change the points list.

  • Draw:  it is the tab you use to create or edit the draw.

  • Times:  The tab you select to enter the times for each run.

  • Calculations:  Used to create the penalty calculation.

  • Reports:  Where you create your lists and reports required for the race.

  • Outputs:  The tab you select to output the race to the PSO, FIS, ACAPoints, create a backup or a .csv file.

1.1.4     Clicking on ‘File’ gives you the drop-down menu shown above.

  • Open Race File – lets you open an existing file.

  • Create New Race File – lets you create a new race file.

  • Preferences – lets you change:

    • lines at top of page

    • Language

    • Turn help field on or off

  • Change Race Options – select either a para event or regular race

  • Change look – gives you the option of choosing either the legacy look or the new tabs.

  • Exit Measures.