The following Race Results menu appears after clicking the “Calculate Race Results” button on the main menu. The race results and race points awarded are added, then the disqualified racers are inputted.

This is required for both Nat and FIS races.  This will generate a Penalty Calculation which the TD must sign.

8.0.1     In the Main Menu click on Calculate Race Results.  The following window is displayed

8.0.2     Click on either ‘Calculate a 2 Run Race’ or ‘Calculate a 1 Run Race’.

8.0.3     Select 2 run race or 1 run race (whichever is correct).

8.0.4     Select the report options required.  Click on Okay.  The following Measures Query is displayed requesting the National or FIS points list used.

8.0.5     Enter the correct points list and click ‘Okay’

8.0.6     The Penalty Calculation is produced and the following window displayed:

8.0.7     Click on ‘Print’.