Getting started with ACALive

0) Quick Start

  • Request Password
  • Make sure computers are on same network
  • Make sure ACALive computer as a reliable internet connection
  • Using IP Address on ACALive input that into dTris when asked for ACALive IP Address
  • Input the Codex and Password into ACALive
  • Input Codex from Request Password into Correct dTris Category
  • Load Racers Name in dTris
  • Click on start sending and start running race in dTris

1) Installation

It is recommend to run ACALive on a separate computer then the computer running dTris. This is so the timer is only worrying about making sure the race has correct times. Someone else can worry about ACALive. ACALive currently will only run on Windows.

  • Go to and download the latest version of ACALive (At the bottom of the page).
  • Install on ACALive computer

1.5) Test ACALive

All of the below steps also apply to running a test race. A test race is a particular codex that is only shown on alpinecanadalive under Test Race

  • To request a test codex open ACALive and click File -> Create Test Codex
  • Input your location, Discipline and Gender that you want to test and click "Get Codex"
  • Your codex will show up in the top right of ACAlive and use this codex for the below steps while skipping 2)

2) Request Password

  • Go to
  • if National Codex (NATYY.XXXX, RECYY.XXXX)
    • Hover on Request Password and then Click on Request National Race
    • Input the codex that you are requesting and your email
    • In 20-30 Minutes you will receive an email with your codex and codex's password.
  • if FIS Race Codex (xxxx)
    • Hover on Request Password and then Click on Request Other Race
    • Input all the information requested by the system
    • In 20-30 Minutes you will receive an email with your codex and codex's password.
  • Attached to the email is a file with the extension .acalive this is a configuration file that can be put on the ACALive computer to aid in setting up ACALive

3) Setup ACALive on Race Day

Please note: ACALive will hot swap codex's if both male and female races are required to be displayed on ACALive just start ACALive add both races. dTris will determine which codex is currently being sent to the website.

  • If you have brought over the .acalive file just double click on the file and then the race will be setup.
  • If you have multiple codex's during the day exit ACALive and double click on the next codex. Once all have been clicked on just leave ACAlive running
  • If you did not bring the .acalive file just click on File and New Codex and input the Codex and Password Exactly how it is shown on the email from alpinecanadalive
  • Clicking on Test then on test connection, This will make sure that the connection to the website is working. If it shows something other then Successful then there is a problem with the Internet connection in the race shack.

4) Setup dTris on Race Day

  • All Racers in the particular category that you give the codex will be sent to live timing so make sure the number of bib's is exactly the number that are in the race file.
  • In initial configuration click yes that you will be transmitting to ACALive.
  • Look at your ACALive computer and in the top right of the screen will be the IP address of the ACALive computer and put that into dTris when it asks for the IP of ACALive computer
  • When creating categories the system will ask for the codex. Make sure the codex is exactly what was requested in alpinecanadalive
  • It is best practice to load names into dTris so that on the live timing site it will show the racers names not just "Racer X"
  • If an error occurs during the race click on view and then "Send Log to Developer" with your email and a brief description of what the error or problem is and someone will get back to you soon.

5) ACALive during the day.

  • Clicking on Start sending will start the sending of data to the live timing website. This will turn the indicator beside the button green.
  • If any problems occur during the race the light will either turn yellow or red, hovering over the indicator will give you the error that has changed the indicator color.
  • Clicking on the comments tab you can input comments that will show up on the live timing site to all the visitors just click send comment once the comment is worded to your liking.
  • Clicking Stop Sending will stop the flow of data to the website
  • There is no need switch codex's if you are running multiple codex's within the day. When dTris switches ACALive will pick the correct codex to switch to or give a warning that the codex is not within ACALive's system.