The Super-Combi consists of a 1 run speed event (SG or DH) and a 1 run Slalom.

The Speed event is run first and the Slalom second.

1.     Set up the race as SC, enter the racers and do the draw.  The Race is seeded with SC points.

2.     Create a new race, copy info from the SC keeping the bib numbers, change the discipline to DH or SG as required.  Don’t forget to change the ‘F’ factor, homologation, codex, etc.

3.     After the 1st run, enter the times into the DH/SG race, calculate the race and produce the official results.

4.     Enter the 1st run times into the SC race file and create the 2nd run start list.  Enter the number of top racers to reverse – confirm with the TD – it could be either the top 30 or the whole field.

5.      Run the race, enter the times and produce the penalty calculation, official results, and output the files for upload to ACApoints as per usual. The penalty calculation and points will be awarded using SC points.