How to Re-Enter a DSQ’d Athlete:

This is used when an athlete is DSQ’d, protests the DSQ and his/her DSQ is reversed.

Re-entering an Athlete DSQ’d on either the 2nd run of a 2 run race or the 1st run of a 1 run race:

1.     Click on ‘Input Run Times’. 2.     Click on  ‘Manually Input Run Times’. 3.     Click on ‘Run 2 Times’.

4.     Type Bib# in the Bib # field and hit enter. 5.     Type in the athlete’s time for the run making sure that the DSQ is removed from the ‘Status Field’ and the DSG Gate # is removed. 6.     Click on ‘Save’. 7.     You must now re-create the ‘Calculate Race Results’ and the ‘Official Results Report’.

How to fix a ‘switched bib’:

This occurs when two athletes wear each others bibs during a race and are not DSQ’d.

In this example, Redmond who was drawn 12th and Taylor who was drawn 14th switched bibs.

Hint:If athletes switch bibs in a 2 run race and the error is discovered after the 1^st^ run,  they should keep the bib they wore in the 1st run for the 2nd run.  This will avoid adding even more confusion to an already confusing situation.

Remember the times that are on the dTris disc are assigned to the Bib #  NOTTHE ATHLETE.

Name Drawn Bib# Bib Raced With Run 1 Time from dTris Run 2 Time from dTris Total
Redmond 12 14 36.96 35.82 72.78
Taylor 14 12 40.90 38.38 79.28

1.     The times given to bib 14 have to be attributed (in Measures) to the athlete with drawn bib # 12 (Redmond) and the times given to bib 12 has to be attributed (in Measures) to athlete with drawn bib #14 (Taylor).

2.     Create the above chart so you can easily see what times to assign to which athlete.

3.     Click on ‘ Main Menu’.

4.     Click on ‘Input Run Times’,

5.     Click on ‘Manually Input Run Times’.

6.     Click on ‘Input Run 1 Times’, enter the first bib number you want to correct the times on(12), then enter the corrected time (36.96).  Do the same for the other bib number (14) and enter the correct time (40.9).

7.     Click on ‘Save’ for each entry.

8.     Go back to ‘Manually Input Run Times’.

9.     Click on ‘Input Run 2 Times’, as in 6 above enter the bib numbers and enter the corrected times for the 2nd run.

10.  Click on ‘Save’ for each entry.

11.  Click on ‘View Racers’ (F5) and check that the correct times have been assigned to the right athlete.

12.  You must now re-run the ‘Calculate Race Results’ and regenerate the ‘Official Results Report’.

Hint:A quick way to fix a switched bib is to change the Measure.dat files to reflect the correct times.  See ‘How to fix a timing file from dTris with the wrong gender’ below.

How to add more space at the top of your printed pages

Some printers will start the reports at the top of the page and this will add 3 lines to the reports so that they begin farther down the page.

1.  In the opening window as illustrated below, click on ‘File” and then click on ‘Preferences’.

2.  Select ‘Print THREE Blank Lines’ and click okay.

How to fix a timing file from dTris with the wrong gender.

This occurs when timing sends you a timing disc with the right times but the wrong gender.  If this happens, Measures will not permit you to download the times until you change the gender to the correct one.

1.     Locate the file named ‘Measures.dat or Run1.dat or Run2.dat’ that was sent to you from timing.  It is usually on a 3.5 floppy disc.

2.     Make a copy of it to your computer hard drive.  (This is done so that if you make some sort of major mistake, you still have the original to go back to.)

3.     Click on the copied file.  You will get the following message.

4.      Click on ‘Open with…”.  The following window will be shown:

5.     Choose ‘Select the program from a list’ and click on ‘OK’.  The following message will appear:

6.     Select ‘WordPad’ or ‘NotePad’.  The following is how the file is displayed:

7.     The first column (FSG1) identifies:

a.     gender (F for female),

b.    discipline (SG) and

c.     run number(1).

8.     You are going to change the gender (F) to (M for male).

9.     Click on ‘Edit’,  then  on ‘Replace’.  The following window will open.

10.  In the ‘Find what’ Window, enter FSG1 and in the ‘Replace with’ window, enter MSG1, then click on  ‘Replace All’.

11.   You will then get the following window.

12.  Click on ‘OK’ and then ‘Cancel’ on the ‘Replace’ Window.

13.  Note that the data in the window has changed from_FSG1 to MSG1.

14.  Click on  ‘Save’ and close the file.

You will now be able to download this file to Measures.

Competitors racing but not to be included in the Official Results:

Measures was adjusted to treat recreational racers in the same manner as Racer with card numbers of ‘0000000’. In other words recreational racers will be removed from the Penalty Calculation and Official results BUT will appear in the Unofficial Results.

Measures also treats these Racers the same for the Start Lists.

Note: This means that when NO check mark appears in Include ‘0000000’ Carded Racers then the Recreational Racers will not appear either.

This will be used any time an athlete is permitted to race but is not be included in the official results.  Examples are:

a.     foreign racers competing in a national race. b.    Non-carded Masters racers. c.     Out of province racers competing in a Provincial Final race.

1.     Enter the racer as per normal: a.     by using the ACAPoints file; or b.    manually.

2.     After the athlete has been entered, go to the ‘Edit Racer Information’ and in the ‘Name’ window, type the first letter of the athlete’s last name and then select the athlete from the ‘Pick Racer’ window by double-clicking on the name.

3.     With the correct athlete’s information showing in the “Change Racer Data’ window, place your cursor in the ‘Code #’ field and delete the number that is there.

4.     Type zero (the number not the word) in the ‘Code #’ field and hit the enter button.  This will zero-fill the field.

5.     If you check the ‘Show Racers’ (F5), you will see that the athlete now has a competitor code of 0000000.

Have 0000000 Athletes show on Start Lists:

If you want the athlete to be shown on the start lists, check the ‘Include ‘000000’ Carded Racers as shown below in the ‘Report Options’.

NOTE:  Once you have changed the competitor’s # to 0000000, and selected to include the 0000000 carded racers, they will show up on the start lists but not in the Official Results nor the Penalty Calculations.

2.     If you do not want the athlete to be shown on the start lists (when running them for the official packages), do not check the ‘Include ‘0000000’ Carded Racers in the ‘Report Options’ window.